Gamechanger in energy storage.

Accelerating the energy transition together

Large-scale energy storage! Until recently the missing link in the sustainable energy transition. SemperPower is the market leader in developing, financing and operating battery energy storage systems (BESS). This allows us to integrate sustainable energy, reduce CO2 emissions and accelerate the energy transition. What can we achieve together?

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Our strengths

Our team comprises the best experts in the field, highly experienced in developing, financing and operating (large-scale) battery energy storage systems: from optimisation to compliance, from technology to project management. Who are we?

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Not only in theory but also in practice. We are with justifiable pride the largest actor in the Netherlands offering independent BESS. Like to check out our locations?

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Safety first! Our battery energy storage systems are manufactured by the best suppliers in the world, and thoroughly tested. They are categorised as stationary batteries. Would you like to learn more?

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We develop, finance and operate ourselves. A sound business model that’s unique in our niche market. With it, we can install large-scale battery energy storage systems cost-effectively and risk-free. Interested in how we do this?

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A team on a mission

“Accelerating the energy transition, that‘s what we believe in. When our fields of expertise came together, we knew: we can only solve this together.”

Our story
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