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About us

About us

SemperPower's mission is to accelerate the energy transition. We do this by applying Energy Storage Systems (ESS), smart batteries that store sustainable energy in times of surplus and releasing it when the market demands it.

The growth of sustainable energy causes congestion at the local electricity network, subsidies are decreasing and the volatility of energy prices is increasing. This results in longer waiting times to obtain a grid connection, higher profile and imbalance costs, and renewable energy is sometimes inevitably discarded. Therefore, wind and solar farm developers, network operators (DSOs) and industrial offtakers are looking for alternative ways to meet these challenges.

SemperPower offers wind and solar park developers, distribution system operators (DSOs) and industrial offtakers the opportunity to install a Smart Energy Storage System (ESS) without investments, without costs and without risks, whereby we increase the return on your project.

We are an independent project developer and operator. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience, gained in the energy sector since 1995, in the electricity trade and the development, operation and financial management of Smart Energy Storage Systems.

Since early November 2021, SemperPower has a 9.3 MW / 9.9 MWh EOS in operation and SemperPower has entered into a partnership with investor Stecc Group to support further growth.

  • Wind and Solar farms

    Your grid connection is worth money! The grid connection of your wind farm and/or solar farm can be expanded with an Energy Storage System without investments, costs and risks.

  • Distribution System Operators

    Grid congestion can be solved. The challenge for distribution system operators (DSO) is to be able to connect as many new wind and solar farms as possible to its network without losing network stability. An Energy Storage System can help with this.

  • Industrial Offtakers

    100% renewable energy. That is the challenge (and target) for more and more industrial offtakers. By applying an Energy Storage System, this can be achieved more quickly.

  • Sluit venster Wind and Solar farms
    Applications Wind and Solar farms

    The grid connection of your wind and/or solar farm can be extended with an Energy Storage System (ESS) at no cost or risk. We share the grid connection and transport cost and compensate for the land on which the  EOS stands with our AssetBooster.

    In addition, our ESS adds value in the short and medium term. Our PPA Booster makes it possible for you to store your electricity in our ESS in times of energy surplus and then inject it it back into the grid when the market demands it. By doing so, your profile and imbalance costs of your PPA can be reduced.

    Our ESS buffers surpluses and ensures that your production can continue case of network restrictions GridBooster.

  • Sluit venster Distribution System Operators
    Applications Distribution System Operators

    Every DSO works hard to meet all requests to connect new wind and solar farms to its network. This can be a major challenge for certain locations, so it can sometimes take longer than normal to get an adequate grid connection.

    By applying an ESS to a control or substation, transmission capacity is created by absorbing the peaks in generation, thus safeguarding the operations of these control or substations (virtual N-1) and allowing more assets (wind and solar parks and industrial offtakers) to be connected.

    Our Energy Storage System (ESS) supports the local grid in:

    • Capacity balancing;
    • Peak shaving;
    • Power quality.

    The ESS can installed temporarily to create a filling the gap function for connecting assets to the grid. In addition, the ESS can be deployed dually (electricity market + local support).

  • Sluit venster Industrial Offtakers
    Applications Industrial Offtakers

    The energy transition offers opportunities for industrial offtakers. Sustainability can be achieved in various ways by being more flexible, for example by purchasing sustainable electricity with Direct Offtake Agreements from wind or solar farms. Or by controlling the offtakers load with controllable internal processes. One thing for sure: an ESS offers the flexibility in making choices for now and in the future.

    By integrating the ESS together with renewable energy production and the load management the industrial offtaker can reduce its power price or lower its grid connection and transport costs.

    The ESS supports in:

    • PPA optimization, by reducing the power price (profile and imbalance costs);
    • Enabling a larger grid connection, by storing consumption peaks (peak-shaving);
    • Sharing your grid connection expenditures (by reducing your connection costs).

    By applying an ESS, the risks in a Direct Offtake Agreement or Corporate PPA can better be managed.



The energy storage projects are developed according to the “stage gate” method. Each of the project phase is separated by so-called 'gates'; the decision points for whether to proceed to the next phase. This proven methodology is as follows:

  • 1 Development

    Together with our locale partner, we start by developing a plan:

    • Based on a number of concrete questions, we analyse the location for potential feasibility: We scan the (location)permits;
    • We enter into negotiations with all parties involved and determine the conditions for successful deployment of the Energy Storage System. The result is a project plan (technical, financial, operational) for an ESS.
  • 2 Contracting

    We then conclude an agreement:

    • All agreements are laid down in contracts: a site agreement and a grid connection agreement;
    • We discuss the possibilities for a capacity and call-off contract.

    The result is a project agreement for an EOS in which you are relieved of all worries.

  • 3 Construction

    The ESS is built based on a turnkey contract.

    • With proven technology: We have agreements with certified suppliers of ESS systems and link these to our own SemperPower BlackBox technology;
    • Coordination of local stakeholders: Local stakeholders are proactively kept informed about the progress of the realisation.
  • 4 Operations

    After going live, the ESS is operated autonomously on the different electricity markets:

    • Technical reliability: Our quality standard and approach to operations are at a high professional level. We apply the asset management quality system (ISO55001) and HSSE management system (ISO45001) as guidelines;
    • We offer the capacity of the ESS to optimize your project with the Semperpower Capacity and call-off contract.

    Without risks and investments, the ESS will contribute to the challenges the energy sector is facing. As an operating partner, you will gain additional return on investment.



Together we share our passion to accelerate the energy transition with smart solutions. We have all the experience and knowledge in house to act as a one-stop shop for the provision of a capacity and call-off contract and the realization and operation of energy storage projects: From trading optimization to compliance, from technology to program management. We are known for our no-nonsense results-oriented approach and are seen as reliable and cooperative partners.

The Team



We work together with people and companies from our network. All specialists in their field of expertise and who have a proven track record.


We would be happy to discuss the optimisation possibilities of your wind or solar project with an ESS. And in particular which bottlenecks (technical and financial) can be tackled for your location. So that there is green energy always and everywhere.

Do you have a grid connection and ground suitable for an ESS?

If so, it is worth the money. We will be pleased to discuss the possibilities of applying an ESS with the SemperPower AssetBooster. Please leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.