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Project Pollux
Vlissingen, The Netherlands

68 MWh68

With justifiable pride, SemperPower announces the start of construction of its third large-scale battery energy storage project: Project Pollux. This battery system, boasting 30 megawatts of power and 68 megawatt-hours of capacity, will on its commissioning in Autumn 2023 be the largest operating battery project in the Netherlands, and one of the largest in Northwest Europe.

All about Project Pollux

  • Power: 30 MW
  • Capacity: 68 MWh
  • Operational: dec 2023
  • EPC partner: Alfen
  • Status: operational

Together with our project partners, we’ll be starting the construction phase, followed by the operational phase later this year. Essent will be using the 30 MW/68 MWh battery system in the long term to overcome the volatility of its sustainable energy portfolio. This will again contribute to a more rapid integration of sustainable energy into the Dutch electricity market. As the supply and installation partner, Alfen is going to build the system on the North Sea Port site in the middle of the energy hub in Vlissingen-Oost, immediately next to its twin, Castor. The system will be connected directly to the Stedin grid. The project is being made possible jointly by Triodos Bank, a.s.r. and Meewind, a sustainable investment fund manager, as financing partners.

Dennis Schiricke (CEO, SemperPower): 

“We’re proud that we have been able to announce our third large-scale battery project on such short notice. Once again this underscores SemperPower’s development capabilities and the leading role being played by the business with its partners in the energy transition.  We continue to accelerate the energy transition together! The timing – following the successful ‘Power the Future’ event and the associated launch of our new website and house style – is also optimal.”

Our ode to the stars

“The centre of our universe is the sun. It brings us day and night, heat and cold, and thanks to this star there is life on Earth. We are at a point of no return at which renewable energy sources are essential. Our analogy is an ode to all the stars in our universe. All this is to show the urgency and magnitude of the energy transition; storage is the key.”