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Update - February 5 2024

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Blog - February 5 2024

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Castor racks
Blog - February 5 2024

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Press release - December 20 2023

The largest operational Battery Energy Storage System in The Netherlands Pollux is energized and ready to go

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Press release - November 29 2023

The largest operational Battery Energy Storage System in The Netherlands Castor is energized and ready to go

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Blog - May 22 2023

Surge in Emergency Power Usage Signals Growing Opportunities for Balancing Services Providers and Battery Technology in the Renewable Energy Landscape

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Blog - April 25 2023

Need for developing large-scale energy storage

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Blog - March 8 2023

The role of batteries in the energy transition

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Press release - February 22 2023

First twins in large-scale energy storage: SemperPower starts build of a 68MWH ESS

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Update - January 25 2023

National Action Plan for Energy Storage handed over to minister Jetten

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Press release - November 9 2022

Press release: Start construction of project Castor the largest Energy Storage System in the Netherlands

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Blog - March 25 2022

Closed Distribution Systems can make better use of their connection capacity

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Update - March 9 2022

SemperPower and Essent are joining forces to accelerate energy transition

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Blog - February 24 2022

Sewage treatment plants can accelerate the energy transition with smart batteries

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Press release - November 3 2021

SemperPower has commissioned its first large-scale energy storage system project of 10 MW in Terneuzen, The Netherlands

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Update - February 9 2021

Installation of Battery Energy Storage System in Terneuzen, Netherlands

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Blog - January 27 2021

More profit for your renewable energy by using Semperpower's PPA-Booster

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Update - December 9 2020

Increasing grid congestion slows down energy transition

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Update - November 9 2020

Extra income for your solar or wind farm project

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