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Achieving sustainable energy objectives and supporting the local grid. Everything hinges on balance.

Grid operators (TSOs and DSOs) must above all guarantee stability. To ensure that after dark, the lights can stay on everywhere. But the grid can barely handle all the sustainable electricity being generated. To manage peaks. Sun and wind are difficult to predict; the inflow of ‘new energy’ fluctuates. SemperPower gets that grid operators strive above all for stability. They want to be dependable. We can help by deploying large-scale energy storage. 

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Electrification beats industrialisation 

 All new wind and solar farms must be connected to the electricity grid. In addition we’re seeing electrification of the economy. Demand for new connections is as a result higher than ever. Every grid operator is working hard to handle all the applications, but our grid isn’t yet up to the job. Lead times continue to lengthen.

Grid operators continue to provide stability, we take care of flexibility. Together we can achieve something for the good of society.

Take action to strengthen the grid 

How can we ensure that grid operators can quickly and flexibly strengthen the grid? Be able to employ their resources quicker and more efficiently? So that we can stabilise the grid and tackle the other major challenges posed by the energy transition? 

Everything hinges on stability

SemperPower gets that grid operators strive above all for stability. They want to be dependable. We can help with this. We believe in new, faster and even less costly technology as an alternative to cables in the ground. Large-scale flexible energy storage in the form of batteries. Very low risk of fire thanks to proven, dependable technology. This helps grid operators. That’s what the Netherlands needs.

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Electrification is overtaking us. We believe in energy storage as an alternative to more cables in the ground. New technology works. Make use of it, stabilise the grid.

Installing an energy storage system? 

SemperPower specialists take care of everything from A to Z. From selecting the best technology supplier, the required permits and financing, to installation. But leasing capacity is also an option. We take the load off.

Seeing with your own eyes? We’re happy to provide a tour of one of our storage locations.