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Hold on, then let go. But always at the right time. Trade on the green energy market.

Energy storage is opening up a new market. SemperPower offers energy traders and energy companies the opportunity to support and further expand their sustainable portfolio without investment, without cost and without risk. We deliver battery energy storage systems from A to Z, you lease part of the capacity from us. It’s as simple as that.

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Energy trading, but with a green edge

Sun and wind are difficult to predict. Generation from solar and wind energy can fluctuate sharply. This makes buying and selling green energy attractive for energy company portfolio holders and for energy traders. Trading in sustainable energy or covering risks in a portfolio? It means not only seeing an opportunity in the market but also contributing to the energy transition. The more large-scale energy storage we can all create together, the faster the energy transition will proceed. So trading, but with a green edge.

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Expand a sustainable portfolio without building energy storage yourself. SemperPower builds and leases BESS.

Developing energy storage requires years of experience

Realising an energy storage project yourself demands a great deal of time, resources and know-how. Specific expert knowledge about the technology, location, safety, permits and more. Knowledge often not available in large energy and commodity trading companies. SemperPower has specialists in all these fields. But above all, the necessary experience to develop, build and manage a batteryenergy storage project. Draw on this experience, and lease capacity on demand with our Storage-as-a-Service.

Seizing an opportunity in the market and contributing to a green future?