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About us

SemperPower's mission is to accelerate the energy transition. We do this by applying Energy Storage Systems (ESS), smart batteries that store sustainable energy in times of surplus and releasing it when the market demands it.


The growth of sustainable energy causes congestion at the local electricity network, subsidies are decreasing and the volatility of energy prices is increasing. This results in longer waiting times to obtain a grid connection, higher profile and imbalance costs, and renewable energy is sometimes inevitably discarded. Therefore, wind and solar farm developers, network operators (DSOs) and industrial offtakers are looking for alternative ways to meet these challenges.


SemperPower offers wind and solar park developers, distribution system operators (DSOs) and industrial offtakers the opportunity to install a Smart Energy Storage System (ESS) without investments, without costs and without risks, whereby we increase the return on your project.


We are an independent project developer and operator. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience, gained in the energy sector since 1995, in the electricity trade and the development, operation and financial management of Smart Energy Storage Systems.

Since early November 2021, SemperPower has a 9.3 MW / 9.9 MWh EOS in operation and SemperPower has entered into a partnership with investor Stecc Group to support further growth.